Nursing in public

Wow! November 2018 seemed to be a month of personal breakthrough in nursing my little one in public!

6 Nov 2018 , Tues // Breastfeeding in the park //

I latched Aven for 8months and naturally I opted to latch and breastfeed the baby too. But the journey had been challenging because she doesn’t latch well and many times, it has been painful. Latching is still my go to option when I’m out with the baby because it’s so much easier.

@rockstarpapasan captured this photo when we brought the kids out to the East Coast Park. It was Deepavali and the park was crowded with mostly foreign workers. This girl decided she was hungry and became cranky and fussy. Aven was at the beach area. We were a distance away from the nearest food cafe. I was alone. So my instincts kicked in. I dropped down to the grass patch and latched her immediately. I didn’t bring out my nursing cover so I grabbed Aven’s jacket and used it as a makeshift cover. She struggled with the thick jacket on her face and bit me hard. I nearly dropped her. I hate her bites! So anyway she took about 8-10 mouthful of milk and that was enough to kept her calm.

I’m very conservative when it comes to breastfeeding. But sometimes the demands of the child will force a mother to do things she normally never had the courage to do. And that.. became my first breastfeeding in the park chapter.

24 Nov 2018, Sat // Young Living Singapore 7th Anniversary @ Marina Bay Sands Expo //

I had never brought a baby out the entire day alone. Young Living Singapore was celebrating its 7th anniversary with a full day conference from 8am to 6pm 😲 Not great for those with kids to be honest. I’m not sure if either of us will last till the end. I was fearful, worried and extremely nervous. All sorts of possible scenarios were playing in my mind the week leading up to the event. CAN WE SURVIVE?

Well… We did! 💪

I’m so glad Avlynn was able to latch under cover and lay in the stroller when my body got tired from carrying and babywearing. Not forgetting the many mums and aunties who were happy to carry and play with her. This allowed me to chat and connect with my oily friends and to do private business in the toilet 🙈 Yup, only mums know that being able to use the bathroom without having to worry about the baby is the greatest gift!⭐ Avlynn was an angel despite being extremely anxious with the many faces, loud music and excited ooh and ahh from the various aunties! .
Well done to us!!

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