Drug-free baby

It has taken me a lot of courage to decide to write and share about raising a drug free baby.

Why? Because most experienced mums I spoke to have told me that it was impossible; that I would have to give in to medication at some point. Those who were more cynical and skeptical would scoff at my ambition.

I guess I must have been really stubborn and determined. I wanted to believe that it would be possible. I believe I have given my baby a healthy and clean environment to grow in during the pregnancy and would really like to see if my chemical-free home would support him in his growing up years too.

So, what is my chemical-free lifestyle?

♥️ Good Nutrition: No fast food, minimal processed food, no soft drinks, loads of fruits and vegetables. Aven doesn’t get to eat snacks like baby biscuits or puffs. He takes fruits as snacks or I’ll bake sugar-free healthy biscuits for him.


♥️ Young Living Essential Oils: These oils have strong healing properties and they work well to ease occasional discomforts, strengthen immunity and defend the little one from various germs and viruses. Aven had been exposed to the oils and supplements since I was pregnant and I am so glad he is responding well to the oils after he was born. Now he even knows how to request for the oils when he needs them after knocking his head, for example. The trick to using the oils is being consistent and persistent!


♥️ Non-toxic Household Products: My household cleaning agents are all bio-degradable and as natural as possible. We don’t use bleach, or any toxic chemicals when Aven is home. I am aware that while he may not come into contact with the cleaning products directly, the fumes or the artificial fragrances may affect his respiratory and nervous system. Furthermore, for babies and toddlers, they crawl and walk around the house with their bare hands and feet. My boy licks the floor sometimes (for whatever reasons…). I want to minimise his exposure to chemical intake at home as much as I can.

There is a saying amongst Singaporean mums – it’s good to expose the kids to some germs and toxins so that the body can learn to build better immunity. I agree with that. Just not in my house. I bring Aven out almost daily and he attends play date, play groups and classes for social interaction. He gets exposed to the outside environment and people. And as a parent, I intend to create a safe and chemical-free home so that we can balance the exposure we get from the external environment.


I know many parents are extremely stressed when their child is unwell. In Singapore, parents have limited childcare leave and a sick child means a lot of emotional turmoil and a big logistical nightmare. Balancing career progression and childcare needs is a common struggle among parents and I believe a healthy and happy child makes the struggle a little easier.

These are the things I’m doing at home and I’m definitely seeing the results from my personal choices. I’ve shared the above with my customers, team and friends and I know, it isn’t a lifestyle for everyone. It takes time, commitment and a lot of persistence!

Aven will be turning 20 months soon and I’m proud to share that he hasn’t had a single dose of medication. He has fallen ill a couple of times but was able to recover quickly with the help of good food, essential oils, and a clean home environment.

To be honest, I am not sure how long I can keep up with this. But seeing my boy growing up healthy and happy day by day is my biggest motivation yet!





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