28 Days Challenge: Nourish Your Body. Rebalance Your Nutrition.

 28 Days Nourish Your Body Challenge

I’ve launched an online challenge for those of you who wish to nourish your body, especially during this post Lunar New Year festive season.

Check out how the community is doing:

How does this work?
– You are in charge of your personal challenge.
– Check out the event page. We’ve proposed SMALL changes to your daily lifestyle.
– We are going to incorporate Young Living products in our challenge.
– You are to take and post up one picture a week (total 4 pictures minimum) to show what changes you have made in your lifestyle — https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.972436576258800&type=3

You MAY or MAY NOT lose weight in the process.

We want to release the body’s impurities by replenishing it with good nutrients. The idea is that once the body has the necessary nutrients, you will be able to experience greater health and wellness.

#28dayschallenge #nourishyourbody #postcny  #healthybody 

Click on the individual picture to learn more:

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