Happy 2018!

Some of my favourites as we close #2017!
It’s been a year filled with milestones and achievements.

My little reflection…

1) I celebrated one year of motherhood and two months later, I bid farewell to my breastfeeding journey. I was never made for motherhood but I’m beginning to embrace my role.

2) One air travel with a 8month and a road trip with a 15month. We combined our love for travelling with being new parents and I think we did pretty well as a family.

3) So happy and honoured to be part of beautiful marriages + sharing the pregnancy and motherhood journey with those I love dearly.

4) I’ve grown stronger, wiser and greater because of the love from friends, the patience from the boy and the support from the husband. You all have been most gracious with my nonsense and absent mindedness.

5) Wrote and launched a mini book for my oily community and we are so encouraged by the good response. I’m inspired to do more and be more for y’all.

6) Am extremely grateful for friends who poured unconditionally to my little family. I don’t come from a tight family unit and I always feel like I was never equipped to raise a family. I’m so glad I’ve awesome friends who open their homes and families to me, so that I may learn from their parents.

#2017bestnine #reflection #newyearseve #countdown #friendship #love #laughter #celebration #myawesome2017

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