Getting Ready for a Newborn

A new little member is joining your family soon! There’s so much to expect and to prepare and we definitely want our home to look and feel welcoming to our little one. I’ve compiled a comprehensive list in each of the category for your reference.

I’m more of a practical mum and bought the items that would be needed for the first month of confinement. As a first time mum, I was afraid of over-spending and having to clutter my house with unnecessary items! Highlighted in orange are the items for those who want a fuss free preparation! These items would tide you through your baby’s first 3 months. You will take time to figure out what you may or may not need for your little one.


Feeding bibs Rompers
Mittens Pants
Booties / Socks Sleepsuit
Bootie Leggings (It combines booties and long pants, so you can save on booties) Kimono tops (for easy wearing and removal)
Jackets T-shirts
Accessories for photo-taking Dresses (for girls)

Personal learning:

♥ Do not follow the clothes’ labels blindly. A baby clothes labelled for 3 months may mean that your baby would not be able to wear it by the 3rd month. For some other clothes, the labels and the sizes match pretty well.

  • Carter’s (USA) has a smaller cutting, while Carter’s (China) is slightly bigger and is much longer in length.
  • Mothercare labels are reflective of the growth for most healthy full term babies.
  • Fox Kids and Baby range has one of the SMALLEST sized clothes. I was given a 3-6months romper and when Aven was at 3 months, I took it out for him and he was already too big for the romper. A check with other experienced mums revealed that Fox series may be more suitable for preemies.

♥ If you are expecting a big baby, get more of the 3-6months series to have them last longer. My boy was born at 3kg, and he already couldn’t wear clothes labelled for 0-3 months when he was at about 2 months.


Make It Count

Baby’s bedroom and cot

Swaddle (up to 3 months) Mattress
Cot / bassinet Mattress pad / waterproof sheets
Bed-sharing sleeper Cot mobile
Pillow Bumper
Bedding set Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser
Night light Music player
Baby monitor / CCTV Baby sleeping bag

Personal learning:

♥ Decide where you want your baby to sleep. On the bed? In the cot?

For Aven, we decided that he would be sleeping in his own cot, in his own room. Firstly, he woke up every 1.5-2hours for feed or poop and I didn’t want to disturb RockstarPapasan’s sleep. Having to go to office without much rest is nasty! So Aven’s room was just next to ours. Our doors remained opened throughout the night so that I could hear him when he screamed. Baby monitor is a great investment so that you can sleep in an air-conditioned room while paying attention to your baby’s movement.


Breast pump Nipple cream
Breast pads Teether
Breastmilk storage bags / bottles Bibs
Bottle warmer Handkerchiefs
Bottle organiser Pacifier
Bottle steriliser Teats
Milk bottles Teats and bottle brush

Personal learning:

♥ My personal stand: Fed is best!

I personally believe breast milk is the most nutritious for the baby. However, I do know that there are many factors involved in establishing a good nursing habit. It really depends on what you want as a mum. No one has any rights to judge how you care and raise your child. You know the best!

♥ Baby milk bottles

My suggestion is to buy one bottle of the more popular brands for your baby. Your baby will have a preference to milk teats! I started with Philips Avent milk bottle because it was a gift. The teats were too stiff for Aven and he had problems drinking the milk. Was recommended Dr Brown but the narrow slim teats just did not work for him. He would have milk spilling out of his mouth and my heart would break a million times as those are my precious breast milk! We ended up with Pigeon Wide Neck bottle and teats and there was no looking back!


Baby wipes Cotton ball
Baby bath tub Cotton pads
Body and hair wash Changing mat
Baby wash cloth Diapers / cloth napkins
Baby lotion Diaper bag
Bath cradle Nappy liner
Towel / bath wraps Soft brush / comb
Tooth wipes / Gauze Baby potty
Bath cradle

Personal learning:

♥ I was freaked out at the thought of bathing Aven. I didn’t want to touch or carry him other when I nurse him sitting down. But after the confinement nanny left, and with just me and Aven at home… I had to bath him. We had a bath cradle that was a hand me down from our neighbour who received too many gifts during her baby first month celebration. That was my saviour! I could place Aven in the cradle and as he had not learned how to turn, I was able to wash him properly without the fear of drowning him!


Nasal aspirator Changing Mat
Digital ear thermometer Nappy liners
Nail scissors / cutter Diaper lotion / cream
Diapers Baby cotton wool / bud

Personal learning:

♥ For diapers, many first time mums would rush to get many newborn sized diapers. I was advised to just buy a small pack if I’m expecting the baby to be above 2.5kg. So that’s what I did! By the third week, Aven had upgraded to S sized diapers. I was using a mixture of cloth diapers and leftover newborn diapers from other mums as well as sample packs. So glad I did not have to store my house with unused diapers!



With my friend Tracy at her workplace

Car seat Sun hat
Stroller Baby’s sunblock
Baby carrier Wet wipes
Diaper bag Dry tissues
Milk Breast pump and storage

Personal learning:

♥ Bring a baby out as a first time mum is one of the most challenging experiences ever! I was cooped up at home for 2.5 weeks after confinement had ended. That means I hadn’t been out for about 6 weeks since I gave birth! It was driving me mad. So I made a trip to Tanjong Pagar and had one of the most challenging experience ever. This is the worst mistake ever! LOL. Shenton Way and the CBD are not pram friendly places. So yea, I would suggest for first time mums to travel to the nearest mall for a breather before attempting further!


That’s all for now! Hope this gives you a good start in preparing for your newborn’s arrival!


About me: Minimomma is currently based in Singapore but travels regularly to transform people’s health and wealth with Young Living Essential Oils.

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