A peek into my hospital bag

If you are enjoying a normal healthy pregnancy, it is recommended that you have your hospital bag ready at week 36!

Search online for various tips on how to pack your hospital bag. In Singapore, the hospital isn’t too far away from home and you can always get items easily from the nearby convenience stores.

For me, I stayed in the North-East of Singapore and my birth hospital was located in the West of Singapore. By car, it takes about 30mins with smooth traffic and up to 50mins with during peak period. Nonetheless, RockstarPapasan didn’t stay in with me because I expect myself to have a fuss free hospital stay. Moreover, I don’t think a hospital stay would make a comfortable staycation for him. LOL

I’m sharing the items which I brought with me for my hospital stay –

Coconut water: for hydration and to replenish necessary salt and mineral content to the body during labour. Most hospital will only allow you to drink clear liquid, just in case there is a need for a cesarean section. Rockstarpapasan was feeding me with a straw when I was in the labour suite. 
Essential Oils: for pre-birth support, birthing assistance, and post-partum recovery

I brought a lot of oils because I didn’t want to miss out on any. Didn’t want to bother RockstarPapsan to go find that one particular bottle!

birth oils

I brought two oil pouches. Labelled all of the oils so that I can grab the one I needed easily!

Ultrasonic diffuserfor aromatic support and mood balancing
♦ NingXia Red sachets: for replenishing nutrition after birth

Post birth nutrition

NingXia Red after birth

A cushion so as to make the hospital bed more comfortable and to assist in breastfeeding
Phone charger
Extension socket: Yea, something that most people would not think of. There aren’t enough power points for your tablets, laptops, phones, aroma ultrasonic diffuser etc. 
Phone memory: Clear the phone memory for peektures!
 Personal toiletriesToothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, towels (Some hospital charge for the use of toiletries, do check with them)
Room slippers
Clothes to wear in the hospitalYou can choose to wear your own clothes instead of the hospital gown. Given that I’m so petite, the gowns were so huge on me that I looked like I was covered in rags.
Extra sanitary pads: Get those overnight cotton ones instead of the dry version so that it is comfortable on your post partum skin. The hospital would provide you with the maternity ones. I find the maternity ones hard to wear as they tend to move out of places. I prefer my pads with wings!
Lip balm, baby moisturiser or oil
: The air conditioning is very drying for both mother and baby! Apply a chemical free baby lotion or baby oil (free from mineral oil) generously on yourself and on your precious. I remember my lips were dry even though I was drinking a lot of water.
Clothes for heading homeA set for mum and baby
Milestone cards: Picture moments for you and baby

Most importantly, bring in your smile and be ready to receive your baby!



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