New Mum Series


Being a mum is hard.

Yup. It is.

A woman is automatically transformed into a mother after she has given birth. And suddenly everyone, including yourself, expects you to be a mum. What’s that supposed to mean anyway? There are no manuals, trainings or classes on becoming a mum, much less a successful mum. If there is one, I’ll definitely be first to enrol into the course, study real hard, ace the Mum examination and get a certificate to frame up. I know you have wished for it too, many times!

As I’m approaching one year of motherhood (2016 – 2017), I thought I’d put together some of the things I learned as a beginner mum; the struggles I faced; the daily conversations in my head; the unspoken expectations I was burdened with; the things I needed to figure out; and stuff like that. I promise to be real and honest, based on my simple, no-nonsense , matter-of-fact approach to life as a wife, mother and mumtrepreneur.

The related blog articles are categorised under New Mums.

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