My Destiny & Fulfill Your Destiny

[On Young Living Essential Oils]

2017 New Oil Blends: My Destiny & Fulfill Your Destiny




Limited Edition Convention 2017 Special

The oil blend was created to motivate one to set and achieve personal goals.

Ingredients in My Destiny
Deep Relief, PanAway, R.C., Raven, Live Your Passion and Lavender

Suggested Usage Tips:
Use My Destiny topically to KEEP YOU INSPIRED.
Wear this blend daily to help you to RELIVE MEMORIES.
Apply this blend to help overcome CHALLENGING ACTIVITIES.
Diffuse to create a refreshing, POSITIVE ATMOSPHERE during meditation or purposeful attention to tasks.

Personal Experience
When I first opened My Destiny and took a whiff, I was surprised by the strong Wintergreen aroma. Smells like an oil for physical aches and pains. How is the aroma linked to My Destiny? I decided to imagine, and focused on what my destiny means to me. I envisioned the goals I want to achieve, the dreams I harbour for my family and the legacy I wish to leave behind. Then I dropped one drop onto my palm, warmed the oil between my palm and applied it on my chest and shoulders. A few seconds later… WOW! I was blown away. I didn’t know that my body was so tense and tight! The oil blend immediately melted my physical tightness. It was as though my body was shouldering the weight of all the obstacles in my way. Applying My Destiny lifted the weight and eased the pain.


Fulfill Your Destiny

This oil blend was created to encourage feelings of clarity and empowerment. It strengthens your body so that you can have a strong immune system to meet everyday challenges.

Ingredients in Fulfill Your Destiny
Tangerine, Frankincense, Nutmeg, Cassia, Cardamom, Clary Sage, Black Pepper, Idaho Blue Spruce, Bitter Orange

Suggested Usage Tips:
Use this blend to encourage CONFIDENCE and DRIVE.
Inhale during moments of doubts to MOVE TOWARDS your goals and destiny.

Personal Experience
My nose picked up the Nutmeg aroma. It smells very similar to the blend Light The Fire, which was launched in Young Living Convention 2015. Looking at the ingredients in Fulfill Your Destiny, it supports a healthy immune system. When I am focused on achieving my goals and working hard, food intake and sleep would usually be compromised. This would usually push my immune system to work harder to keep me healthy and strong! I believe applying this blend would support me in staying healthy and strong as I work towards fulfilling my destiny!

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