Mid Year Reflection – Fulfill My Destiny



Where are you in your journey?

This is my mid-year reflection. We are halfway through the year. Where are you in your life journey? Are you living your destiny or busy building someone’s empire?

8 years ago, these little bottles of miracles came into my life and embarked me on an amazing adventure which I didn’t plan for.

What started off as a personal health transformation turned into a hobby – meeting friends to play with oils and exchange stories and experiences. This soon turned into a part time hobby, part time work kind of thing. And today, I found myself as part of a rising group of #mumpreneurs focusing on personal development, leadership and wellness.

My team of Gifted Oilers are made up of everyday women who want to take charge of their lifestyle and young mums who are choosing to be empowered in their family’s health. Before this oily journey, I’d have never imagined making new friends from so many countries! Maybe this is my calling — My Destiny. Watching my team achieve their goals and receiving stories of miracles and transformation on a daily basis. My heart is FULL. Fulfilling my Destiny is not an easy choice… Everyday, I still wake up with fears, doubts and inadequacies. Ah. I said it. It’s out now… I feel all lousy when that happens. And then I’ll get a request from someone seeking support in her health goals and then, I’ll forget my weakness momentarily . #cyclerepeats

I pray you will begin to listen to that little voice in you.. To pay attention to that nagging within… If you choose to embark on your Destiny or need that drop of oil or inspiration, let me know. Because I know what is like. I’m here for you.


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