Baby Shark


Is an understatement. 

No one warned me about this part of baby-hood.

Those newly emerges incisors looked harmless. There are 4 of them, two on top and two below. I didn’t give much thought when Baby Aven suckled on my arm. He may be soothing his itchy gums during this teething period.

I was sitting on a chair with Aven on my lap. And then… I felt a deep sharp pain shooting right through my arm and into my head. My ears almost went pop from the pain. I almost dropped Aven as the pain consumed me. I held him closer and was wondering where the source may be. Then I saw his mouth clamping down on my arm, as though hanging on the edge of a cliff.

He is biting me.

And that’s my flesh.

In my fury and anxiety (yes, that’s a pretty complex mix of emotions), I tapped hard on his cheeks. He refused to let go. I tapped harder. It may have been painful for him (I didn’t quite care at that point in time), he opened his mouth into a loud wail, freeing my poor arm.

almost broke out into a loud wail myself. Almost.



A tip I learned post Baby Shark incident:

Tapping and beating the baby’s cheek are not the most effective way to get the baby to release her clamp on you. Pinch her nose together to restrict airflow. The baby will open her mouth in response to your pinch, as she will be trying to breathe in more air.

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