The Beginning of Pram Mama

Friends and those who follow me on Facebook know that I am a #prammama. I travel everywhere with my baby in a pram. Yup!

How did I become a pram mama? 6 weeks into motherhood… I was literally feeling so MISERABLE and UNHAPPY. No one prepped me for the daily baby routine which involved bathing, nursing, cleaning, pooping… All these on top of my personal regime. I was so desperate for my sanity yet so helpless at the same time. The only liberation I felt was when we made our first trip as a family out to lunch on 1 Oct 2016 (yes, I remembered the time and venue very well). And just before #avenhu reached his 8th week mark, I told RockstarPapasan that I needed to get out of the house.

Rockstarpapasan: “What about the baby?”
Me: “He’ll be with me, of course.”
Rockstarpapasan: “Where will you be going?”
Me: “I dont’ care… Anywhere.”
Rockstarpapasan: “Oh ok…” very reluctantly

He helped me to set up the pram while I began texting my working friends to see who would be available for lunch or tea. Tracy said yes to my plea and it’s a date!

1 Oct 2016, Friday was a day of conquering and celebrating many first milestones.


Achievements unlocked on 1 Oct 2016

  1. I got out of the house with a baby. Just me and baby in pram. 
    Honestly, I don’t know where my courage come from. 
  2. I took the train with a baby in a pram for the first time.
  3. I packed for myself and the baby for our little excursion to Tanjong Pagar.
  4. I had to figure and plan my route with a pram. I battled queues for lifts and had to weave my way through the crowd with a baby.
  5. I nursed in public.
  6. I took long routes because CBD and Shenton Way are not designed for prams and those on wheels.
  7. I had to find gates that are designated for those on wheels . I was stuck at the office tower entrance because I couldn’t push the pram through the narrow ones. That was really embarrassing.

And I did it 🙂

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