Aven vs Momma

7-8mth growth spurt

Teething and/or growth spurt


Resilience is…
1) Screaming for 20min, demanding to be picked up and carried.
2) Ignoring the earth shattering wails for 20mins, pretending that it isn’t there.

Final result – #AvenHu scored.
Check out that victory grin. *Grrrrrrrr….*

This chub chub is turning 8 months in two weeks time. As with any transformation, it is always difficult, confusing and stressful. The stress from the growth spurt isn’t just confined to the person involved, but the loved ones are just as affected too.

Last week, Aven was being a sleep fighter. Fighting naps and wanting to play despite his fatigue. This week, I suspect he’s going through some difficult growth period. He has displayed signs of discomfort – wincing, jaw rubbing and stressed cries. And, I really really cannot stomach those wails and earth-shattering cries.

It has been a <span style=”color: #33cccc;”>ridiculously challenging</span> day. Aven refused to be cuddled, patted, carried in arms nor latched to sleep. Today he wanted to be carried around the house. But you know me, I’m a petite mum. I am unable to workout with a baby. The weight is just too much for me to handle. After attempting everything within my knowledge, I decided to just… breathe and tune out.


#tiredmama #earworkout #headache #babyscreaming #justletmesleep #morning

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