Work-Baby Balance

Aven decided to quit his nap times and wanted to be cuddled and carried. No more independent baby!

People always talk about work-life balance. I wonder if they had tried work-baby balance!

workbabybalanceRunning a full time business from home is challenging enough, add an attention seeking baby into the equation… BAM! Challenging would be an understatement. My work gifted me the flexibility in planning my work schedule, so I’ve learned to arrange my online meetings during Aven’s morning nap time. But, he decided that he would very much prefer to join me in my meeting. And so he did. I had to mute my microphone when he’s whining on the play mat, and hold him close to me when it was my turn to speak. Luckily for me, I work largely with busy mums, and I am forgiven when Aven decided to make his point of view known.  Bleh bleh bleh.

This is how I marry an active baby who needs constant attention and my work that involves amazing leaders from other countries. Grateful to #youngliving for allowing me to educate, teach, and earn an income with a baby in tow. It also allows me to connect and grow with so many women who are determined to take ownership of their family’s health and to embrace a chemical free lifestyle.


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