A Baby’s Leap and Growth

Woahhhh.. I’m exhausted. Like a deflated balloon . It has been such long day!

To ordinary folks, having a baby means loads of lovey dovey moments. Well, I used to come from the ordinary folks camp before I have a baby myself. And there are many meltdown moments. I can accept if the baby cries for a reason – cry for milk, cry for a diaper change, cry to poop, cry to play. But I absolutely am distraught and at a loss when this baby cried non-stop for no apparent reason. Took me at least an hour to figure out that he just wants to be assisted to sit up. Apparently he’s at this stage where he feels that lying down is just for newborns. I am older and wants to sit up and explore the world from this position! Check out the picture above. That’s #Aven crying with real tears flowing out just before his head reached the mat, and the immediate change in the mood when he was brought into a seated position.

Mothers always tell me, “Everyone is posting rosy and happy pictures of their smiling babies”. Many complain about the illusion that social media paint in having a baby. I beg to differ. I think it’s easier to take a photo of a smiling baby than one who is wailing and screaming. When the screams and meltdowns happen, this is all I want to do:

ostrich-clip-artJust let the earth eat me up and drown out the cries please!

But oh well, I survived today. Tomorrow is a brand new journey 🙂 Phew, good night!



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