6th month – Dispelling Motherhood Myths

Wow, 6 months. It’s been 6 months.

Time seemed to take more significance when measured in baby milestones. As I dug up the photos, I’m humbled and amazed by his growth and development. From a sleepy “frowny” face to an active curious boy who fights naps just because he is recently discovering more with his developed senses.

Motherhood hasn’t been all rosy, but it has certainly been fun, rewarding and empowering. Before I gave birth, people always talked about parenthood being all gloom and doom. To many, parenthood doesn’t seem that attractive. After all, who would want to choose a life of fatigue, misery and confinement?

My own motherhood journey revealed a completely different experience, though. Everyday, I feel empowered, excited and grateful. Many times, I wondered why no one shared about the beauty and joys of motherhood.

So now, I’d like to dispel some of the horror stories myths that people have warned me about motherhood.

Sleepless nights

For me, the sleepless nights did not happen. At least not how I expected it to be. I learned to regulate my sleeping hours with the baby over the months. Baby Aven sleeps at 7-8pm daily. In the first 3 months, he would wake up for milk every 2 hours. So, I learned to take short naps. The pregnancy journey in the final trimester had prepared my body to take short naps – the baby would be actively kicking at night and many times, I’d find myself being kicked awake – so by the time the baby was born, this has become my new norm and it was surprisingly manageable.

When he reached his 4-month mark, he began to drink more and would wake up every 4 or 5 hours for his milk intake. Dinner for me would be at about 8pm and I could still chat with Rockstarpapasan and spend some couple time before he sleeps and before Baby Aven’s next feed at 11pm/12mn. I could sleep for a longer period after that because his next midnight feed would be at 4/5am. Not too bad, isn’t it?

Baby falling sick

It is common for a baby to get sick as he adapts to his new environment. Environmental pollutants, vaccinations, interacting with other sick adults or children are some major causes of becoming sick. I have always watched Baby Aven’s health closely and made sure I have my oils ready to support whatever his body needs. Thank goodness, he had only fallen sick thrice in the span of 6 months. The first time, I was caught off guard and he was really ill with cough, flu, blocked nose, phlegm (yes the whole works) when he was 3 months young. That took about 2 weeks before he recovered fully. After that, I made sure I am always well-prepared and since then, recovery times never took more than 5 days. On average, he takes about 3 days to fight off whatever that is bothering him now.

Loss of personal freedom

This is definitely a myth! I believe it is how we manage our time, because life in general, is always about personal choices and sacrifices. As my buddy, Calista, remarked, “You’ve trained your baby to work around your schedule!” This is true to a certain extent. During the baby’s first month, I was home most of the time doing my confinement. In his 2nd month, two weeks of being home alone with the baby were enough for me to almost go crazy. I was miserable – cooped up at home with Baby Aven 24/7 – feeding, cleaning, washing, peeing, pooing, sleeping (and the cycle repeats). When he reached his 7th week, I demanded rockstarpapasan to bring me out to a cafe (future post on this). From then on, I gained courage and took small steps each day to venture further and further with Baby Aven alone. From the void deck, to the nearest NTUC supermarket, to the nearest shopping mall…. I’m now confident in bringing him anywhere and everywhere as all as it is near an MRT station. At week 8, I felt free and empowered because I was no longer stuck at home. I began to meet friends for lunch! Slowly, as we adjusted our schedules, I was soon able to meet friends at least once a week for dinner!

Moving forward…

I look forward to unlocking more milestones and learn about being a mother together with Baby Aven. I do hope you’ll be inspired and empowered too as you begin your motherhood journey or even if you are already a mother!



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