Coming soon!


Yes, it’s coming soon!

I’m expecting a mystery baby. Mystery? Yes! Because the hub is determined to keep the gender a surprise till the arrival date. Many friends assumed it was my idea but nope, JT was the insistent one and I’m perfectly cool with it.

It had been fun having people use various social myths and traditional methodology to predict the gender. From round vs sharp tummy shape, to location of the pregnancy bump, to food craving… I’ve heard sooo many predictions but no one was confident enough to place a monetary bet! Haha! I’d loved to have a baby’s growing up fund ready.

Having a mystery baby has been very exciting for me. I was not distracted by names, baby clothes, or dreaming about the baby’s future. I found myself paying attention to its personality in utero. Baby tend to move gently and lightly. No major kicks and jabs. Just gentle scratching and moving. In my second trimester, I experienced pain at a specific spot on the right side of my lower back. No matter what I did, the pain was always there and it was literally back-breaking. My pre-natal massage lady pointed out that there was nothing that could be done because the baby’s position was pressing on some nerves and hence the deep intense pain on that particular spot. I couldn’t lay down properly nor sit comfortably. Then one day, for whatever reason, I decided to talk to Baby. With one hand on the tummy, I said aloud, “Baby, you gotta move yourself. This position which you are in is not serving me and I’m in a lot of pain. Please move so that I can rest!”. And it worked! I felt the pain lifted and I was able to rest. Well, it is no coincidence. Because whenever I felt the same pain at the same spot, all I needed to do was to tell Baby to move, and then my back will be back to normal again. Amazing how the mother-baby connection works!

I’m very grateful for this pregnancy. It further drove the point to me that – every baby is a miracle. Pregnancy is such a beautiful and challenging journey and I’m starting to miss it already!





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