Hello there!


I’m starting this website so that there is a place for me to put down my thoughts and for me to search back into my past writings. Yea, it’s as simple as that. I’m currently sharing a lot on my facebook, in whatsapp chats and my various facebook groups. The problem with facebook is that it is fleeting and it has been so so hard for me to retrace my steps.

I realised I love to chatter, I love to share in person, I love to… TALK. But when it comes down to writing, I’m always always stuck. Putting thoughts into writing has always been a challenge for me! I’m hoping by writing, it will reveal something new for me, and at the same time, inspire whoever is reading too.

I request that you be gentle and patient with me as I learn how to put my inner musing, thoughts, reflections into words. They are always not perfect and I do judge my own observations and thoughts many times. I’m holding a space of learning and discovery for myself and I invite you to join me in creating the same space for yourself too.

It will be quite an adventure, so let the journey begin!


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